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La Cambre: graduation show 2013

La Cambre: graduation show 2013

Friday evening I headed to Brussels to see the first in a row of Belgian graduation shows: the one from La Cambre! In the Halls of Schaarbeek it was -as usual- boiling hot, but the spectacle made us forget about our sticky bottoms and blushing cheeks. La Cambre 2013 in three words: a lot of skin, upgraded sportswear and glitter and glamour. My coup de coeurs:

Naomi Coureau stood out with her luxurious interpretation of a 'gangsta'. I also liked the collection of Julian Klausner. He succeeded to mix different ethnic symbols into 1 strong image. Thanks to the mix of tartanprinted spiderweb shapes, fur shoes, headbands, corset ribbons and oversized collars, his models looked like the  blend of a gladiator with a sheikh and a shepherd.

The collection 'They can cut all the flowers, they cannot keep Spring from coming' of student Eddy Anemian (photo) is simply breathtaking. The designer creates intriguing, fluid silhouettes with cutted flowerprints, sporty black and white tops and wavy white folds combined layer on layer.  Louis-Gabriel Nouchi stood out because of his spectacular show. A model slowly walked up to the front of the catwalk while she undressed and then returning to the backstage wearing nothing except for her skyrocking wedges. Apart from this spectacle Louis-Gabriel deserves an honorable mention for his ability to combine colours and graphic patters without it being clownish.

In 2012 there were only two students graduating, this year there were five. Last year I was totally hooked on the collection of Emmanuelle Lebas, as for this year, it was no different. Her almost architectural silhouettes resemble late 19th century sportswear, but with a contemporary touch. Emmanuelle's graduation collection has something angelic and majestic about it, but at the same time it's very modern and almost futuristic. Doriane Van Overeem is noticeable because of the 'Dries Van Noten' way she combines flower prints and pants with sleep.

Naomi Coureau (c) Steve PetropoulosJulian Klausner (c) Etienne Tordoir Eddy Anemian Louis-Gabriel Nouchi (c) Etienne TordoirEmmanuelle Lebas (c) Steve PetropoulosDoriane Van Overeem (c) Steve Petropoulos
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