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  • Copenhagen Fashion Summit 2012

    The Copenhagen Fashion Summit is the world’s largest conference on sustainable fashion. The summit catalyzes the discussion on the evolution of a succesful fashion industry in a world where new business models are required to tackle the growing challenges facing the planet and our societies. For more information, visit the website.

    Copenhagen Fashion Summit 2012
  • NJAL's Stefan Siegel speaks at TED

    Not Just A Label-founder Stefan Siegel is a welcome guest in circles of the creative industries where his innovative ideas about entrepreneurship and fashion are greatly appreciated. At the beginning of this year, Siegel was a speaker at the NJAL-seminar which Flanders Fashion Institute organized, and on Sunday, April 1, he will share his perspective about the future, at the well-known TED-forum.

    NJAL's Stefan Siegel speaks at TED
  • SEMINAR "How to reach press as a designer"

    How do you reach press as a designer? A question we now all have an answer for thanks to yesterday's seminar at the FFI. Three speakers with Belgian roots and years of experience shared their knowledge, experience and practical tips on the topic. That's how Trui Moerkerke - communication manager at Flanders DC - clearly remembers mailboxes frequently getting stuck at Knack Weekend because of the reception of lookbooks and press releases that were too heavy.

    SEMINAR "How to reach press as a designer"
  • On the road with Café Costume

    It might be simply a coincidence, but Café Costume's summer collection seems to have been inspired by just those things that British men's fashion bible AnOther Man has taken as the starting point for their latest issue: the art of traveling in elegance from the perspective of a true gentleman.

    On the road with Café Costume
  • Final conference ‘innovative retail’

    Consumers are no longer just looking for a beautiful product or a competitive price, but they also want to experience something. At this conference- organised by Voka, Chamber of Commerce and Industry Antwerp Waasland – they will discuss the new opportunities to make shopping more attractive for the present consumer. One of the speakers during the conference will be FFI-project manager Agnes Wené who will share her experience about the pop up store for the (Con)Temporary Fashion Days.

    Final conference ‘innovative retail’
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